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Czech, English
Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague; JUDr. (advanced Master’s degree; 2013)
VŠFS, Economy and Management, Marketing Communication, Prague; Ing. (Master’s degree; 2011)
City University, Faculty of Law, London; a scholarship programme (2010)
Charles University, Faculty of Law; Mgr. (Master’s degree; 2009)
Palacký University, Faculty of Arts, Journalism – Czech Philology; Olomouc, Bc. (2004)
Perth College, UK, Mass Media (2003)

Veronika Dvořáková


Veronika Dvořáková is responsible for marketing, communication and the CSR policy of the law firm, and manages HAVEL & PARTNERS ACADEMY.

Before joining our law firm, she was the head of the press department and the media spokesperson of the Justice Ministry and the Government Legislative Council from 2009. In 2010, she became the senior director of the minister’s cabinet responsible for the executive operation of the ministry, communication in and outside the ministry and led a team of advisors. She also participated in establishing the Committee for the Application of New Civil Legislation (KANCL) at the Ministry of Justice.

During her studies in London, she cooperated with an international PR agency as an advisor for Central Europe and collaborated on a UN human rights project.

Between 2002 and 2009, Veronika was a journalist active in several national media outlets, with the longest period spent at Týden weekly and in Czech Television as a reporter specialising in legislation and justice.

Veronika has been active in legal PR and media consultancy for many years; she writes various texts and books on law popularisation and also holds lectures in this area. She provides media training for lawyers, including judges and prosecutors.

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