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Czech, English
Economics and Management, Military University of Ground Forces in Vyškov (2000), Ing. (Master’s degree)

Milan Brouček

Economic Counsel
Milan Brouček is an Economic Counsel at our law firm. His main area of expertise is economic analysis with the application of quantitative techniques in the context of competition law, regulation, and commercial disputes. Milan specializes in providing economic advice in abuse of dominance, merger and cartel investigations, vertical agreements, regulatory issues and commercial disputes. Milan provides legal advice to companies accused of anticompetitive practices, as well as advice in connection with clients’ planned projects from the perspective of competition law and regulation. He carries out his legal practice both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Prior to joining our law firm, Milan worked three and a half years at the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission in Brussels (DG Competition), as a senior economist, where he participated in antitrust and abuse of dominance investigations, mainly in the telecommunications sector. In 2012 and 2013, Milan was chief economist of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (PMÚ). Prior to this, he spent almost eight years at the Office for the Protection of Competition of the Czech Republic (ÚOHS) – from 2009, as chief economist, and from 2010, as deputy vice-chairman for competition. In 2011, he prepared for ÚOHS a set of guidelines regarding the use of economic and quantitative analyses in competition law, which includes, inter alia, an approach to the relevant market definition and market power assessment, abusive exclusionary conduct by dominant undertakings, quantification of damages, application of consumer surveys, conducting market studies, and data collection and submission of economic evidence.
Milan is lecturing, namely in Competition Economics, at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University in Brno.


  • dairy producer on vertical agreements
  • car manufacturer on damages calculation
  • non-alcoholic beverage producers in connection with proceedings to clear a merger of undertakings
  • telecommunications operator on determination of damages amount
  • utility company in connection with determination whether a contract term was adequate
  • telecomms operators in the area of restrictive practices, abuse of dominance investigations, regulatory measures, and merger investigations
  • producers of microchips as to abuse of dominance investigations
  • transport operators regarding abuse of dominance investigations
  • passenger air transport services regarding merger investigation
  • energy companies in the area of restrictive practices and abuse of dominance investigations
  • internet companies as to abuse of dominance investigations
  • bakery industry in the context of merger investigations
  • banks in the area of vertical agreements and abuse of dominance investigations
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