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Czech, English, German
Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague (2015), Master of Law (Mgr.)
Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague (2016), Doctor of Law (JUDr.)
University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Erasmus+

Samuel Král


Samuel Král specialises in intellectual property law, information technology and telecommunications law, cyber security law, IT and franchising public procurement, contractual relations between businesses, and legal due diligence in the above areas.

In intellectual property law, Samuel specialises primarily in copyright, industrial property, software law, architectural law and their protection.

In information technology law, he mainly deals with the law of public administration information systems, cyber security (including audits), cloud computing, open source and free software licences, the liability of information society service providers, and the law of websites and web presentations.

In public procurement law, Samuel addresses issues in awarding IT procurement contracts, suppliers’participation in such procurement procedures, and the preparation of related expert opinions and analyses, cyber security and public administration information systems (both on the part of contracting authorities and suppliers). 

In franchising, he specialises in all aspects of franchise contract documentation and know-how use.

In the law of obligations, Samuel focuses on drafting and revising business contracts, intellectual property rights contracts and licensing agreements, and drafting business terms.

Prior to joining our law firm, he worked for more than three years for the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, where he dealt in particular with commercial law and commentary on EU laws and legislation.


  • drafting a contract on the implementation and support of the public administration information system with a total amount exceeding CZK 100 million
  • advising Czech companies on contractual relations for information systems and computer programs
  • drafting a contract on information system support worth over CZK 2 billion
  • advising software companies to set licence models for technologies using software provided under open source and free software licences
  • advising a domestic client on implementing the cloud in banking services
  • draftingcontracts for the development, support and advancement of public administration information systems
  • advising domestic companies on intellectual property, e.g. the rights of performers, architects, musicians, etc.
  • draftingof and advising on contractual documentation for establishing and running an international franchise
  • advising information society service providers on the regulation of the liability of providers within the EU and on the protection and contractual provision of websites
  • advising international start-ups and technology giants on IT regulation, IT contracts, and intellectual property regulation
  • drafting hardware purchase contracts for both private and public sector

Membership in professional associations

  • Czech Bar Association
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