After First Half of 2019 HAVEL & PARTNERS Approaches Highest Annual Revenues in Its History

Prague, 29 July 2019

The largest Czech-Slovak law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS continues this year with excellent economic results. HAVEL & PARTNERS’ turnover for net legal services increased by 11.4% year-on-year in the first half of 2019. All three key HAVEL & PARTNERS offices in Prague, Brno and Bratislava grew at double-digit rates. Profitability also increased faster than turnover


“Last year, the Czech offices of HAVEL & PARTNERS grew by almost 11% year-on-year and the office in Bratislava even by 20%. Meanwhile, the results of the first half of 2019, with growth of over 11%, indicate that we have managed to maintain this positive trend. If we are equally active in the second half of 2019, this year’s revenues of HAVEL & PARTNERS for net legal services could well exceed CZK 700 million. Together with the revenues of the collection agency Cash Collectors should reach over CZK 850 million, which would be the best economic result in our eighteen-year history,” says managing partner Jaroslav Havel on the law firm’s excellent economic efficiency.

HAVEL & PARTNERS’revenues have been growing steadily since the founding of the firm in 2001. This is mainly due to the provision of legal services to leading Czech, Slovak and international companies, as well as Czech and Slovak entrepreneurs, including about a third of the richest Czechs and Slovaks. Mergers and acquisitions, legal and tax structuring of private property and real estate projects remain key advisory areas. The legal teams specialising in competition law and competition economics, restructuring and insolvency, litigation and arbitration have also been extending for a longer time.

“We currently have the lowest voluntary fluctuation of senior lawyers in our history approaching 5%. The stability and high level of expertise of all our teams combined with an individual approach to clients and the development of a strategic partnership with them is our main competitive advantage. We appreciate that we are trusted not only by successful companies and private clients, but also by foreign law firms, which increasingly involve us in various international projects and cross-border transactions,” says Jaroslav Havel, summarizing the main reasons for the successful period.

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