New Year's promotions at HAVEL & PARTNERS: Ludvík Juřička, to the position of equity partner; Veronika Ryšávková, to the position of partner; and seven other attorneys to senior and leading positions

Prague, 2 January 2018 

Starting from the New Year, HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm (until 31 December 2017: Havel, Holásek & Partners), has carried out further internal career promotions. Effective from 1 January 2018, the current partner Ludvík Juřička became a firm equity partner. On the same date, Veronika Ryšávková was promoted to the position of a partner, but she still remains the firm’s marketing director. Ondrej Čurilla, Martin Ráž, Kateřina Staňková and Josef Žaloudek were appointed managing associates. Romana Derková, Juraj Dubovský and Šimon Hradílek became senior associates.

In our law firm, we attempt to create the best conditions for fast career growth at all levels. In senior positions, not only is a top-level knowledge of the law key, but also managerial skills and the ability to achieve turnover goals and other expectations, whose common factor is a high benefit to the development of our firm. I am pleased that a large number of colleagues and still more and more female colleagues can combine these challenging roles together, as evidenced by the current wave of career promotions. To all those who have been promoted, congratulations and looking forward to another successful collaboration,” says Jaroslav Havel, managing partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS.

In our firm there are currently 26 partners, of whom 21 attained this position by internal promotion. The vast majority of existing female lawyers and lawyers holding the positions of counsel, managing associate or senior associate started their career in our firm. “The intensive development of our services in virtually all areas of the legal and business sectors motivates us to also continue this year to hire quality female lawyers and lawyers at all levels of seniority,” states Jaroslav Havel.

altAs of 1 January 2018, Ludvík Juřička has joined the existing fourteen equity partners. As a partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS since 2012, Ludvík has specialised in mergers and acquisitions, real estate and construction law, corporate law, price control issues, and dispute resolution. During his nearly twenty-year legal career, Ludvík has not only provided attorney services at the highest level, but also gained managerial experience in two major international consulting companies. He is currently successfully managing HAVEL & PARTNERS’s office in Brno, which has undergone significant development in the last five years.  


Veronika Ryšávková was appointed a partner as the only non-legal professional; since 2015, Veronika has been the firm’s marketing director, she is co-responsible for the business, and she ensures media support and PR consulting as an additional service to HAVEL & PARTNERS’s clients. Over the past two years, with her marketing team Veronika has considerably contributed to the significant development of marketing and the strengthening of the firm’s brand. At the same time, as a graduate lawyer and economist, Veronika has participated in projects such as the foundation and development of the educational HAVEL & PARTNERS ACADEMY and the promotion of pro bono and CSR activities, which she will manage as a partner. Prior to joining HAVEL & PARTNERS, Veronika worked at the Ministry of Justice as head of the communications department and a spokesperson, then as chief director of the minister’s cabinet.

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