Havel, Holásek & Partners has provided comprehensive legal advice in saving Tábor ZOO

The largest Czech-Slovak law firm Havel, Holásek & Partners has provided comprehensive legal advice to Eužen Korec, the founder and owner of development company EKOSPOL, on the purchase of the largest zoo in South Bohemia – Tábor ZOO. Although the transaction was complicated due to a large number of actions and criminal proceedings against the former owner, the zoo was eventually saved.      

alt“A three-month period to challenge the purchase contract for Tábor ZOO, which was bought by Evžen Korec from the insolvency proceedings for more than CZK 15 million, expired a few days ago. We are happy that we have managed not only to complete a very complicated legal transaction, but also to save the zoo for animal lovers, schools and the general public,” said František Korbel, a native and representative of Tábor, who led the transaction team of Havel, Holásek & Partners for saving the zoo, together with insolvency specialist Petr Sprinz.

In 2014, the Tábor zoo found itself in a financial crisis, and the then owner was unable to provide funds to cover the costs of animal care and other zoo operations. The unsustainable situation was noticed by successful entrepreneur and animal lover Evžen Korec, who decided to buy and save the zoo.

The conclusion of a new purchase contract was complicated by a wide range of actions by various entities. An action was brought for the exclusion of a thing from the estate, the invalidity of the previous purchase contract, and the determination of the authenticity, amount and order of claims. In order to successfully complete the transaction, all proceedings for such actions had to be terminated. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure the instructions of the secured creditors. The matter was also complicated by the fact that a part of the assets was secured in criminal proceedings against the former owner.

Despite major complications, the sale was finally completed and all the animals and the whole site were saved. In the meantime, EKOSPOL became the general sponsor of the zoo and its reopening took place as early as in June 2015. Currently, Tábor ZOO is a home to more than 250 animals and this number is constantly growing.


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