Ostrava office

In 2006, HAVEL & PARTNERS was one of the first top Prague law firms to establish an office in Ostrava in order to provide legal services to the wider region of Central and North Moravia.


The Ostrava office is the main contact point for the clients of HAVEL & PARTNERS from the Moravian-Silesian region as well as the wider Central and North Moravian region.  
In North Moravia, HAVEL & PARTNERS provides its legal services in cooperation
with a local law firm which has a strong background in the region.


HAVEL & PARTNERS’ office in North and Central Moravia has more than 70 clients. These include clients involved in traditional regional business, such as large industrial enterprises, especially mining and heavy industry, and other branches of the manufacturing industry, large construction companies, as well as rapidly growing private firms relating to manufacturing, trade, and services, public sector institutions, and of course foreign investors from South Korea, Taiwan, the USA, Germany, and elsewhere.
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